RetributionFeature FilmDirected by Danny Albury & David Bispham, 2016 A hardened debt-collector goes on a 24-hour rampage through London in an attempt to avenge the brutal attack on his teenage daughter.


TraceFeature FilmDirector Rita Gayle. Kuruji Films. 2006. Shot on location in Sweden, Trace is a story of unrequited love drawing together three very different characters. Set against a backdrop of present day London and Stockholm, Trace explores the parameters of modern relationships.

Monsoon Tide

Monsoon TideFeature FilmDirector Nick Fletcher. Laid Back Films. 2013. Starring Ben Richards, Rebecca Grant, Kasia Nossier, and Biyon in a guest appearance. Filmed on location in Kerala, Southern India and Malaga, Spain. Chakara is a story of love, life and passion as well as as guilt, grief and mystery. A film as vibrant and varied [...]


Amatieris (Amateurs)Feature FilmDirector Janis Nords. Red Cat Films. 2008. A bright but bored journalism student and small-time marijuana crook stumbles upon a dilemma when his girlfriend is accepted for studies in Amsterdam. Unwilling to be left behind and eager to taste the real bohemian life, Victor is ready to go along. If only he had the money... [...]