Retribution (David Bispham & Danny Albury, 2016)  From The Ashes Films

Monsoon Tide (Nick Fletcher, 2013) Laid Back Films

Sangkhlaburi (Paul McBain, 2013) Documentary feature

Amatieris (Janis Nords, 2008) Red Cat Films

Trace (Rita Gayle, 2006). Kuruji Films

Shorts / installations / web / commercials / idents

Do Plastic Ducks Dream of Polythene Ponds? (Hedvig Lien, 1999) Edinburgh College of Art Animation. Winner: Student Award, Edinburgh Multimedia and Animation Festival, 2000 Nominee: Royal Society of Television Award, 2000 Nominee: Student Award, Annecy Film Festival, 2001 Official Selection: Festivals in Edinburgh, Ottawa, Dervio, Seoul and Brazil.

Schubenacadie (Sara March, 1999) Edinburgh College of Art Animation Screened: Edinburgh Filmhouse

Goldfish (Sam Leyton, 2000) Edinburgh College of Art Drama  Screened: Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Burdened Ass (Adrian Hedgecock, 2002) Official Selection: Palm Springs 2002, Brisbane International Film Festival 2003, Zebra Poetry Film Award Competition 2004

The Orange Blossom’s Song (Keiko Yamashiro, 2002) Royal College of Art Animation Official Selection: Festivals in Tokyo, Catania and Clermont-Ferrand

Breaking Out (Marianela Maldonado, 2002) Intrepido Films Drama  Official Selection: Semaine de la Critique, Cannes 2004, London Film Festival 2004, Edinburgh Film Festival 2004 and Bilbao Film Festival 2004.

Crying and Wanking (Alys Hawkins, 2002) Royal College of Art  Animation.  Winner: Synchro Film Award, Vienna 2003  Second Prize: Videocreation/Experimental, Malaga 2003                       Official Selection: Festivals in Chicago, Nottingham, Tokyo, Santa Fe, Manchester, San Francisco, Ukraine, Toronto, Brussels and Amsterdam

Ménage à Trôis (Louise Bernier, 2002) Goldsmiths Drama Screened: BFI Southbank (Formerly National Film Theatre)

Ambergris (Panos Delilabros, 2003) Video installation

Fallen Snow (Nick Schoenfeld, 2003) London College of Printing (University of the Arts London). Drama

Chin Up! (Neil Edson, 2004) Drama Nominee: Best Short Film, Director’s Guild of Great Britain, 2004 Official Selection: Telluride Film Festival, 2004

Elfquest (Adam Randall, 2004) Comedy

Floating (Mark Walker, 2004) Intrepido Films. Film Four / UK Film Council. (Additional music) Drama

And in the End (John O’Connell, 2005) Royal College of Art. Video installation

A Fellow of Enterprise (Adrian Hedgecock, 2005) Topographical Films Drama

Give Me The Answers (Cecilia Tengblad, 2005) Animation

The Job (Massimiliano Sappa, 2005) Drama

You Never Listen (Alys Hawkins, 2005) Creative Films / Air Scheme Animation Broadcast: Channel 4

: – ) (James Appleton, 2006) Signals Media Arts and Electric Eye Productions Drama

Jacks (David Anderson, 2006) Drama

Lamb to the Slaughter (Salvador M. Rodrigues, 2006) Squared Circle Productions Drama

Leyton Orient (Stuart Reid, 2007) Documentary

Little Prince (David Anderson, 2008) Drama

The Road to Recovery (Alys Hawkins, 2006) Rethink/Young Minds Documentary animation

Work Hard Play Hard (Gareth Jones, 2006) Bridge Films. Thriller

Cocoon (Hana Tsutsumi, 2007) London College of Communication Drama Finalist: Turner Shorts Competition. Broadcast: Turner Classic Movies & screened at BFI Southbank (Formerly NFT)

BDO Artist-in-Residence Project (Alys Hawkins, 2008) Video installation

Hidden Casualties (Martin Behrman, 2008)  Drama. Screened: Drama Centre

Today (Robert Reina, 2008) Gilrei Films Drama

The Lost Book, episode 1 (Helen Jackson & Adam Brewster, 2009) Binary Fable Films / UNESCO Edinburgh City of Literature / Scottish Chamber Orchestra Animated web series

The Lost Book, episode 6 (Helen Jackson & Adam Brewster, 2009) Binary Fable Films / UNESCO Edinburgh City of Literature / Scottish Chamber Orchestra Animated web series

Disability Matters (Adrian Hedgecock, 2009) Documentary

Possum (James Flower, 2009) Dreamlogic Films / Signals Media Arts Drama

Parental Control (Damien Cullen, 2009) Summit from Nuthin Films Comedy. Screened: BAFTA

Family Affairs (Kaspar Synnevaag, 2010) London Film School Comedy. Screened: London Film School

Saturday (Greer McNally, 2011) Comedy 

Once Married (Ben Rider, 2012) Drama

Clowning Around (Damien Cullen, 2012) Drama.  Screened: BAFTA

Invasions of the Laundry Monsters (Alex Dawson, 2014) Carnival Figures Animation series

Love Story (Alys Scott-Hawkins, 2014) Arts & Humanities Research Council /Kings College London / University of Manchester Animation.  Screened: Kings Place

Beautiful Relics (Adrian Hedgecock, 2014) Drama.  Official Selection: Cornwall Film Festival

A Woodcutter’s Tale (Adrian Hedgecock, 2014) Comedy

Hold Your Fire Showreel (Dan Hammersley, 2014) Web showreel 

Help (Sonny Malhotra, 2015) Drama  Screened: Listeners Project

The Caretaker (Kirsty Mather, 2015) Dance film

Moving On (Joe Beverley, 2016) Dance film  Official Selection: Listeners Project

Pleased to Eat You (Adrian Hedgecock, 2016) Comedy Official Selection: Courts Devant, Paris

Mobiles.co.uk  Naughty or Nice (Joe Beverley for Bad Media, 2016) Commercial

The Listeners Project (Ben Lambert, 2016) Festival promo ident